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Frequently Asked Question

When is the next event?

Our next event is June 22nd at Moore Square in Raleigh. It is a FREE ADMISSION outdoor event featuring over 40 vintage clothing vendors, food trucks, a DJ, and fun!

What type of items are available at NC Vintage Bazaar?

Vintage of all kind! You'll find vintage/secondhand womenswear, streetwear, t-shirts, collegiate wear, accessories and so much more! The highest demand right now is vintage streetwear (vintage tees and sweatshirts) so that is what you will find the most of

What are prices like?

Prices vary based on factors such as age and rarity of an item, but at Bazaar you'll find something for every budget. If you're looking to dig through $5-10 piles to find gems you can do that, or if you wanna sift through some racks of some higher end pieces you can do that as well. The average price of an item is between $10-40.

What payment methods are accepted?

All vendors accept cash and will have change if you need it. If you're planning on just having a credit card, please also download Cashapp, Venmo, and/or Paypal as most vendors will not have credit card readers but all will accept e-payments.